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Lord-Arcanums are masters of aetheric lightning that lead the Sacrosanct Chambers in the Stormhosts of Stormcast Eternals. Their storm-sight allows them to see the souls of living creatures and in battle they can hurl destructive bolts or empower the warriors around them with a mere whispered phrase of power. Once they were brave magic-users who risked body and soul as mortals to defy the Chaos Gods and now upon their reforging they find themselves in command of even greater powers.[1]

Powers and Abilities

The potency of Azyr courses through the Lord-Arcanum, allowing him to summon lightning as easily as another draws breath. Reaching up to the sky with a corona of corposant playing around his staff, he pulls down devastating energies from above that immolate their targets in ground shaking blasts. It is said that these are the manifestations of Prime Electrids, offshoots of the Great Bolts that have been used to level castles and slay Godbeast alike. Lord-Arcanums' command of storm energies can even capture the souls of slain Stormcasts Eternals before they vanish into the heavens and restore them to their bodies so they can fight once more. Their mastery of magic also allows them to use the endless magic that has spilled across realms since the Necroquake.[1]


A Lord-Arcanum is armed with an Aetherstave as well as Spirit Flasks, which when smashed unleashes a deadly explosion of soul energy that engulfs the wizard and anybody that is nearby.[2]


Some Lord-Arcanums go to battle on a magical steed.

Some ride upon Gryph-Chargers who surf the aetheric winds, allowing both the mount and rider to charge as swiftly as stormbolts, re-materialising with talons just inches before the prey. These Lord-Arcanums have also harnessed the regenerative power of Sigmar's storm, sending chains of lightning cascading through nearby comrades and restoring injured stormcasts.[1][3][4]

Most Lord-Arcanums of the bombastic and bellicose type prefer to ride a Celestial Dracoline that unleash great blasts of electric force from their razor-sharp claws when pounding on the enemy. These Lord-Arcanums can use celestial energy to infuse fellow dracoline riders as well, making their leap even more effective.[1][3][4]

Some Lord-Arcanum's that can astrally project themselves to aether can sometimes bond with a Tauralon by playing a lethal game of avoiding meteors re-directed towards them by the beasts and sending them right back. Nimble as a hawk, a Tauralon can deliver a meteoric ram from its curling horns that can even shatter a castle wall. However it prefer to avoid direct conflict and leaves a trail of glittering astral light that settle like stardust upon the foes below. The actual effect of the dust only becomes apparent when arrows and eldritch bolts of Stormcast Eternals come straight towards them regardless of their original trajectory.[1][3][4]