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Lord-Castellants are Stormcast Eternals and the masters of defensive warfare of the Stormhosts, wielding powerful magical lanterns. They are often accompanied by Gryph-hounds.[1][2]


Outside of battle Lord-Castellants often carry the responsibility of being the wardens of the various strongholds of the Stormhosts, a role they fulfill vigilantly. When in battle they bolster the spirits of their comrades with bellowed oaths and grim jests in the face of seemingly impossible odds. When hordes of enemies crash into the sigmarite shield walls the halberds of the Lord-Castellants arcs down to cleave the skulls of enemy champions and protect the stormcasts from would-be death blows. [5]

They are aided in their duties by Gryph-hounds who act as guard-beasts that alert the Lord-Castellant about infiltrators, saboteurs or shape-shifters.[5]

One of their responsibilities is to man the Realmgates conquered by the Stormcast, so that the Dispossessed and the Ironweld Arsenal can build fortified cities around them.[6a]


They wield a warding lantern that is an anathema to the power of the dark gods. Their golden rays sear the skin and burn flesh from bone of their followers while banishing daemons back to the Realm of Chaos with its celestial energies. It's purifying rays can also be used to heal stormcast eternals.[1]

Their cloaks are hung with parchment filled with ancient scripture. They carry huge halberds, with heads in the shape of the Sigmarabulus.[1]