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Lord-Celestant are Stormcast Eternals, each one a commander of a Chamber of their Stormhost inspiring their fellows into war.[1]


These paragons of order are towering warriors clad in glistening sigmarite, whose faces are hidden behind a scowling mask. Their tabards hanging from their belts are covered in ancient script. They wield rune-encrusted warhammers and sigmarite runeblades, these blades enchanted with the power of a falling comet, into battle.[1][4]

The lion-heads, the halo and the image of Ghal Maraz on their helms, breastplate, greaves and cloaks are a sign of their rank.[1][2]

Some of them ride Dracoths into battle[2], while others have warcloaks with hanging silver hammers imbued with Sigmar's power and cause catastrophic damage when thrown at the enemy.[1][4] A select few, mighty and noble, may lead Extremis Chambers atop a mighty Stardrake.[16]