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Lord-Ordinators are Stormcast Eternals, warrior-engineers that oversee the construction of new cities and fortifications such as Stormkeeps. They are combination of an arcane engineer and celestial prophet, fulfilling them both to shape the future according to the God-King's will.[1][2]

All Stormcast Eternals are warriors but the Lord-Ordinators are also warrior-engineers, working in tandem with the Lord-Castellants to guard each site and with the Dispossessed to create wonders unseen since the Age of Myth. They are also seers, observing the movements of the stars above the Mortal Realms as they attempt to use mathematics, science and seer-craft to determine the future. As the Malign Portents began they were dispersed among the armies of Order so that they can help prepare them for what was to come. [1][2]


They are clad in sigmarite armor and the hammers they wield strike with thunderclap force.[2]



The Stormhosts change the fate of the realms with each thunderous strike. Yet next to the innumerable minions of darkness, we are few indeed. We cannot fail, nor lose our way, for we must shape the future with hammer, blade and bolt

~Vorrus Starstrike.[2]