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Lord-Veritants are ruthless seekers and purgators of corruption, recruited from those whose antipathy towards Chaos borders a dangerous obsession. They are the eyes of Sigmar in the Free cities who bring the inescapable Vengeance of the Heavens with the searing light of their lanterns of abjuration to burn away the shadows and cut a merciless path through cultists and daemons until nothing remains. [1][2]


They uncover sources of treason and mercilessly eradicate them and with civilisation beginning to grow again in the Mortal Realms dangerous cults seek to sink their claws into the fabric of society in the Free cities, making their skills wanted more than ever. [1]

More than once a Lord-Veritant has burst into a noble's court, hurling accusations before opening the shutters of their lantern revealing the shrieking agents of the Dark Gods, invisible demonic entities with their foul tendrils burrowed in the minds of their puppets and slaves much to the horror of those within who thought them to be trusted allies. The Lord-Veritant then declares the God-King's judgement and hacks them down splattering onlookers with their blood. When in battle they often accompany Judicators who share the ability to reveal hidden sources of corruption. Lord-Veritants are also accompanied by Gryph-hounds in their duties but these are more aggressive than those accompanying Lord-Castellants.[1]


Lord-Veritant are equipped with Lantern of Abjuration which shines with blessed light thay can banish even the most potent sorcery while the Judgement Blade is used to cut down enemies. [2]