Executioner Horde

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Execution Hordes are led by a Lord Executioner, these smaller hosts are able to weave across battlefields and strike powerful blows at enemy formations.[1a]

Lord Executioners

A Executioner Horde is a Nighthaunt who are sent to claim the lives of those who have escaped justice in the Realm of Shyish. The spirits of the wrongfully executed drift around him, crying out their anguish into the night.[3]

Spirit Hosts

Spirit Hosts are some of the most common spirits within the Mortal Realms. They are clusters of weaker souls, merged together into one spectral cloud. Even before the Necroquake, they were a relatively common sight among battlefields, with many a dead soldier giving birth to these gheists. They rise out of the ground, like a ghostly mist, and emerge as a being stripped of any individuality, body and identity, screaming endlessly for the life they have lost and ready to claw and torment the living. [1][4]