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Lord Skrolk, the Disease That Walks is the main agent of Arch-Plaguelord Nurglitch, leader of Clan Pestilens. [1a][2a]

He is one of the Plaguelords, the rulers of Clan Pestilens, who are under the direct command of the Arch-Plaguelord. Skrolk is a creature of ancient evil, the favors of the Horned Rat allowing him to live many times the normal Skaven life span. In that time the pestilences he has unleashed have brought unimaginable woe upon humanity. [2a]


Skrolk is a terrifying sight. His flesh has long ago decayed into rotting tatters. His body is blighted with diseases so deadly only his brother Plague Monks can safely approach him. He clawed his own eyes out at the sight of Nurglitch's radiant corruption, wishing to see no other creature after witnessing one so glorious. Since then, through the blessings of the Horned Rat, he sees the world again, but only in the purple and greens of corruption and decay. [1a]


Skrolk was once a simple Plague Monk, but his devotion to the Horned Rat drove him through the long struggle for power which eventually led him to Skavenblight to offer his services to Nurglitch. Nurglitch set him on many long and arduous trials, including traversing the infamous Blindwyrm Labyrinth beneath Clan Pestilens' hold in Lustria. Success gained him the position he holds to this day. [1a]

Whilst working on a new disease in Lustria, Lord Axolotl-Olm led a Lizardmen army against him - warned by the Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle, Festasmus the Septile they summoned a Great Unclean One to try and fight them off. [3a] Skroalk was the only survivor - washed downriver clinging to the body of a Plague Monk. [3b]

In the early 2500s IC, Lord Nurglitch dispatched him to Lustria to regain the ruined city of Quetza for the clan. Skrolk also seeks out the many artefacts hidden in its ruins, especially the World Engine which is said to be able to burrown into other realities. [2a]

End Times

During the End Times, following the Great Uprising of the Skaven around the world, the Clan was tasked with destroying Lustria and the Lizardmen. For several years Lord Skrolk waged the war on behalf of his master who remained in Skavenblight with the rest of the Council. The war had both great success and great failure, with many Temple Cities falling to Skrolk's assaults. In the end the whole continent was immolated by the destruction of Morrslieb when great fragments of the moon strike the Warhammer World, and the vast majority of the Clan was wiped out. Skrolk himself survived thanks to the intervention of the Verminlord Vermalanx the Corrupt who spirited away the grievously wounded Skrolk just before impact after he had been defeated by the ancient Scar leader Kroq-Gar.


Weapons and Equipment

Skrolk is a powerful warrior, fully capable of defending his position from challengers. In battle he bears the Rod of Corruption and the Liber Bubonicus, also known as the Book of Woe. The latter contains the alchemical and occult secrets he has gathered together over long centuries.[1a]

  • Libeer Bubonicus: Infamous grimoire which has within it the secrets of magical disease. [2a] It gives Skrolk the ability to cast the following spells: Miasma of Pestilence, Pestilent Breath, Plague, Putrefy, Stench of Nurgle, Stream of Corruption, Wither. [1a]
  • Plague Censer: Swinging from the Rod of Corruption, it creates a fog of feath around him. [1a]
  • Rod of Corruption: Pulses with the petsilent, corrupting energies that would be death for any other to handle and which can cause those struck to instantly collapse dead into a festing mass of rot. [1a]




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