Lord of Blights

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Lords of Blights are brutish and swollen Rotbringer lords. They plant corpse orchards from the meat-mulch from battles and various plagues. From these orchards arise twisted gallows trees that blight the land and bear aloft the bodies of the Lord's chosen victims. The head of each cadaver is carefully filled with pus drawn from a Great Unclean One and sealed with a mixture of blood and wax. When they are ready the withered bodies drop from the trees.[1]

Then the Lord of Blights collects his harvest and distributes them to his followers so that they will flung them at the enemy to explode in blast of noxious effluvia. But the finest specimens are kept by the Lord which he carries into battle hung from his gallowrack. The Lord of Blights also carry a bubotic hammer which is used shatter bone and rupture organs while his vermin shield can be used to both block incoming attacks as well as to smash enemies from their feet. In battle the Lord remains vigilant for hardy enemies so their bodies can be added to his orchards after the battle.[1]