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A Lord of Change}

Lords of Change are the Greater Daemons of Tzeentch.

Of all the daemons and servants of Tzeentch, the Lords of Change most embody the nature of the god as the supreme manipulator, and are the foremost agents of the Changer of the Ways. In form they are avian, winged humanoids. Their most memorable feature are their heads, and most particularly their eyes. The scrutiny of its gaze is unbearable, for it holds all the wisdom of Tzeentch himself, along with his deep and subtle understanding of mortal fears. When a Lord of Change looks upon a mortal it sees not just its flesh and blood, but its hopes and dreams, along with their ultimate failure or realisation.

Lords of Change are among the most potent spellcasters in the Warhammer World. They are able to summon whirling storms of change and mutation, blast adversaries apart with bolts of pyrotechnic energy. The avian head of a Lord of Change sits on a craning neck. Its wings are a multi-colored splendor. Most Lords of Change are known to have some degree of foresight. As such it is easy for them to stay at least one step ahead of their enemies at all times making them skilled tactitians. Although usually appearing in Tzeentch's colors of blue or yellow, the daemons find it unimportant to maintain any consistent look and may appear in any form or color that suits them.

Exalted Lords of Change

Only a very few of the Lords of Change are able to puzzle out the schemes of the mindmazes that lead to a secret chamber in the Impossible Fortress where they are granted the favour of their lord. [2a]

They manipulate hundreds of mortal destinies, often being part of the unending war between the four great powers of Chaos. They seldom venture into the the mortal world unless the storms of magic have unleashed vast amounts of energy that can sustain and protect them. [2a]

Named Lords of Change

Weapons and Equipment

  • 8th Edition: Exalted Lord of Change: Staff of Change. [2a]
  • Staff of Change: Even the smallest wound from a staff can result in death. [2a]



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