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The Lore of Hashut is Magic used by the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer-priests of Hashut. [1a]

These Sorcerers rule from the dark tower of Zharr-Naggrund having constructed the city from obsidian but only number a few hundred. In the Great Tample to Hashut, they make their plans and although there is no formal hierarchy, they respect the oldest and most powerful. [1a]



  • Ash Cloud: A cloud of hot volcanic ash is summoned by the sorcerer which stings the eyes and causes coughing and spluttering but has no effect on the undead or Daemons. [1b]
  • Doomroar: The head of the sorcerer transforms into a vision of the bull-god with massive twisted horns and nostrils belchinig fire and smoke. Lifting his head, the caster unleashes a great roar which can panic nearby enemies. [1a]
  • Eruption: Molten lava erupts from the ground as the sorcerer smashes his staff into the ground and chants the words of power. Anything that fails to leap aside is destroyed. [1b]
  • Fist of Fire: Magical fire enwraps the casters fists. [1c]
  • Flames of Azgorh: The caster breathes fire which not even magical armour can protect from. [1c]
  • Flaming Hide: The sorcerer or another person has their skin glow red-hot, flickering with sparks. [1b]
  • Lava Storm: The air is filled with storm of molten lava balls which the caster directs to its target. [1c]
  • Magma Pool: Melting into the ground, the sorcerer then reappears on another part of the battlefield. [1a]
  • Shadows of Hashut: A shadowy form of the visage of Hashut forms in the air and then the great shadow-bull charges forward, crushing anything in its path. [1a]
  • Sorcerer's Curse: The victim of the spell slowly begins to turn to stone. [1c]



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