Lore of Hedgecraft

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The Lore of Hedgecraft is ancient Magic used by Hedge Witches. [1a]



  • Dagger of the Art: Transform a stick into a magical dagger. [1a]
  • Fellstave: The witch whittles a staff that acts as a ward against one specfic creature chosen from: Beastmen, Centigors, Daemons, Fimir, Minotaurs, Ogres, Orcs & Goblins, Trolls, Undead. [1a]
  • Goodwill: The nearby area becomes conducive friendliness. [1b]
  • Invigorate: A single target ignores fatigue for the duration of the spell. [1b]
  • Lovelock: Drinking from a cup enchanted by this spell will cause them to fall in love with the first person that they find appealing. [1b]
  • Mirkride: The Witch steps into the Hedge which lies between the material world and the spirit world allowing them to mnove through the world invisibly. [1b]
  • Nepenthe: A silver liquid forms within a cup that if drunk removes the memory of a given person. [1b]
  • Nostrum: Creates a magical healing draught. [1b]
  • Parts the Bracnhes: Allows the witch to see the invisible, spirits and Daemons. [1b]
  • Protection Pouch: A small puch crafted from a small animal a conjured herbs allows the witch to resist supernatural elements. [1b]
  • Protective Charm: Enchants a piece of jewelry with a spell of protection. [1c]
  • Sightstep: Hides the magical nature and aura of the witch. [1c]
  • Silvertide: Enables the witch to find a tiny cache of lost coins. [1c]
  • The Ousting: A creature from beyond the Hedge is returned to its place of origin. [1c]
  • Wyrd Ward: Prevents an spellcaster from using the wind of Dhar. [1c]



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