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The Lore of Metal is Magic derived from Chamon, the white wind of magic. [1a][4a]

Chamon is heavy and dense, attracted to metal, especially gold as metal attracted to a magnet. [1a] it leaves behind a patina that only those with the Second Sight can see, resembling motes of gold dust, falling like snow where it is strong, covering things sensitive to it. Even the magisters who use the wind can seem dusted with gold, giving them an almost metallic look. [1b]


Magisters of the Gold Order find their bodies growing stiffer with a golden hue as they grow in power. [4a]


The influence of Chamon is said to account for effect gold exerts upon many, inciting greed, violence, and war. [1a]


  • Armour of Lead: The enemies of the caster find that their armour become heavy and cumbersome. [4a]
  • Armour of Tin: The spell makes metal armour become soft and flimsy. [1c]
  • Breach the Unknown: An object is understood as studied it closely for a day. [1c]
  • Burnished Gauntlet: A golden gauntlet appears and flies off to strike an enemy. [5a]
  • Crucible: The Caster takes on a fierce golden glow. [5a]
  • Crucible of Chamon: A single metal item melts, dripping to the floor and cooling almost immediately. [1c]
  • Curse of Rust: A non-magical, metal object is consumed by rust, rendering it permanently useless. [1c][4a]
  • Enchant Item: An object is given a minor enhantment for a short period. [4a]
  • Enchant Weapon: A weapon is bound within potent strands of Chamon. [1c]
  • Fault of Form: The spell alters the composition of a weapon, rendering it less effective. [1c]
  • Fear of Aramar: The minds of the living are filled with their worst terrors. [5a]
  • Feather of Lead: The magic of Chamon alters the density of a piece of equipment. [1c]
  • Fool’s Gold: Chamon is used to alter the nature of a metal object into a golden one. [1c][5a]
  • Forge of Chamon: Improve or reduce the quality of an object. [1c]
  • Gehenna’s Golden Globe: Creates a magical, golden sphere that transforms those it touches into statues. [1c]
  • Gilded Cage: A golden cage spruts from the earth to imprison a foe. [1c][5a]
  • Gleaming Arrow:A missile of pure golden energy flies out of the caster's forehead. [5a]
  • Glittering Robe: Chamon surrounds the caster and deflects attacks. [1c][5a]
  • Golden Touch:The spell transforms the next living creature the caster touches into a golden statue. [1c][5a]
  • Goldsteel Shielding: A thin covering of Goldsteel reinforces a object, building or surface. [1c]
  • Guard of Steel: Shimmering orbs of steel protectively orbit the caster. [4a]
  • Inscription: A metal surface is inscrbed with words or images by passing the casters hand over it. [1c]
  • Knot Untied: Casting the spell provides insight into a mystery, puzzle, riddle or trap. [1c]
  • Law of Gold: A magical item is enshrouded with Chamon breifly removing its abilities. [4a]
  • Law of Logic: The spell aid the caster in a task. [4a]
  • Metal Mended: A damaged metal object is repaired. [1c]
  • Meteoric Ironclad: Allies are protected by conjured magical armour. [1c]
  • Mutable Metal: The hands of the caster are able to bend and manipulate metal object. [1c]
  • Prismatic Refraction of Habermas: Nearby winds of magic are drawn to a central locus and converted into different forms of energy. [1c]
  • Puchta’s Silver Compass: Enchant a compass. [1c]
  • Replication of Levorg: A object is conjured from thin air. [1c][5a]
  • Searing Doom: The air is filled with bolts of molten gold. [5a]
  • Short Change: Gold coins are cojured from thin air but they only last a few hours. [5a]
  • Silver Arrows of Arha: Silver arrows are conjured and thrown at the casters enemy. [4a]
  • Transmutation of Chamon: The flesh of enemies are transformed into metal, potentially suffocating them and leaving the dead as statues. [1c]
  • Transformation of Metal: One metal object is changed into another. [4a]
  • Trial and Error: Boost mental or physical abilites. [1c][4a]
  • Transmutation of the Unstable Mind: The caster touches a person with a sick or damaged mind and attempts to heal them. [4a]



Crowns from the sky, drifting like leaves on a breeze only they can see.

~ The Golden Touch. A popular song in Nuln.[1b]


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