Lore of Undeath

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The Lore of Undeath is Magic derived from the Wind of Death derived from Shyish, the purple wind of magic. [1a]

During the End Times, the Wind of Death howled across the world and was able to be tapped by all wizards, whatever Lore or Lores of Magic they might normally access. [1a]


Any Wizard. [1a]


  • Akar'aran: The Dark Riders: Long dead knights ride through a portal to battle. [1b]
  • Kandorak: The Harbinger: A single champion of death is summoned to serve the caster. [1b]
  • Khizaar: The Soul Stealer: The souls of the casters victims are torn from their bodies. [1b]
  • Morkharn: Breath of Darkness: A dark fog is drawn from the wind of death to fill nearby undead with vigour and heal any wounds. [1b]
  • Razkhar: The Abyssal Swarm: The bones of predatory creatures rise from the earth to serve the caster. [1b]
  • Ryze: The Grave Call: The caster draws on the dark energy of Shyish to animate the long-dead to serve them on the battlefield. [1b]
  • Sulekhim: The Hand of Dust: With a touch, the decaying power of the ages reduces the armour, flesh and bone of the victim is reduced to dust. [1b]


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