Lore of the Great Maw

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Butcher using the Lore of the Great Maw

The Lore of the Great Maw is the magic of the Ogre Kingdoms. [1a]

It is also known as Corpomancy, Gastromancy, Gut Magic, Shamanic Victuals, Thaumaphagy and is used mainly by Butchers. [1a][3a]

Unlike most magic, Gut Magic requires ingredients and a Butcher without the proper ingredients may not work Gut Magic. [3a]

Lore Attribute

  • Bloodgruel: As the Butcher consumes food, they can replenish their own vitality but on occassion they suffer the warth of the Maw instead. [1a]


  • Bilebrew: Knocking back back an acrid concoction of gall and spleen the Butcher empowers nearby Ogres to attack enemies with a cold fury and bitter determination. [3a]
  • Bonecrusher: The Butcher crams bones and skulls into his mouth to chew on, cursing enmies to have their own bones broken. [1a]
  • Braingobbler: The Butcher chews through a handy skull to devour the brain within, projecting its nightmares against mortal enemies. [1a]
  • Bullgorger: Vitality is grained as the Butcher consumes the heart of a Mournfang or Rhinox. [1a]
  • Feast of the Fallen: By bathing the Butchers favourite blade in the fresh blood of a fallen foe, he awakens a vamparic healing thirst for blood in nearby allies. [2a]
  • Get Some Guts!: Be consuming the large intestine of a male Mournfang fear is dispelled. [3a]
  • Taste Death The Butchers consumes part of a corpse to learn how and when a creature died. If they suffered a clean death, the remainder is also eaten. [2a]
  • The Maw: Consuming a huge beast, the Butcher summons the power of the Great Maw to conjure a large and hungry pit. [1a]
  • Toothcracker: The Butcher can make himself and nearby allies tougher by chowing down on granite. [1a][3a]
  • Trollguts: Eating the inards of a Troll, their supernatural healing ability is gained by the Butcher or nearby allies. [1a]


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