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The Lore of the Heavens is Magic derived from Azyr, the blue wind of magic. [1a][6a]

Azyr, often find in the high atmosphere, represents that which is out of reach, curling and swirling in complex patterns across the heavens. It is distant, diffuse and elusive to those who wish to manipulate it to their own ends. Gusts of Azyr do influence the mundane world and can whip the air into storms or change the weatherand with the right incantation, it can even reach beyond the atmosphere to pluck meteorites or comets from the void. [1b]

Astromancers spend much of their time observing the celestial bodies, attempting to fathom their motion to master the wind of Azyr. As planets and stars align in specific configurations or describe certain orbits, Azyr becomes more pliable and reveals its secrets more readily. [1b]

To channel Azyr to cast a spell, incantations take the form of complex formulae spoken in the language of Magick whose words reflect and anticipate the motions of the wind and stars. [1b]

At sea, Azyr is drawn to wizards during storms but is often refuses to be called when the seas are calm. [5a]


Wizards of the Celestial Order grow more and more uneathrly and dreamlike as they grow in power but also become more graceful if slower. [6a]


  • Azure Blades: A sphere of whirling, razor-sharp blades is conjured which can not be These hits cannot be dodged or parried. [1c][7a]
  • Blessings of Bel Shanaar: Allows the caster to be connected to his destination to aid navigation. [5b]
  • Cerulean Shield: A crackling cage of sparking electricity and Azyr forms around the caster to defend them. [1c][7a]
  • Comet of Casandora: The Wizard reaches out to the skies, calling down a comet to wreak havoc. [1c]
  • Crystal Charioteer: A single individual is imprisoned within a crystal ball which is carried off in a random direction until they can break free. [7a]
  • Curse of Fate: [1c][6a]
  • Divination: The wizard reaches across time and space to learn or locate objects. [1c]
  • Enemy Foreseen: The caster cannot be ambushed or surprised for the duration of the spell. [1c]
  • Fantastic Foresight: The Wizard shimmers as they are linked to their allies and the prophecies of the heavens. [1c][2a]
  • Fate’s Fickle Fingers Conjures additional luck for the caster and nearby allies. [1c]
  • Fate Illuminated: The caster glean insights to a single persons intentions or destiny. [1c]
  • Fate of Doom: A more powerful version of the Curse of Fate. [1c][6a]
  • Fortune: The wave of fate is manipulated to bring an individual good fortune. [7a]
  • Let the Four Winds Blow: Mighty winds howl across the battlefield as the spirits of the air are called upon. [2a]
  • Lens on the Sky: A crystal disc is conjured to hover beside your head which allows the wizard to clearly see objects and creatures up to 3 miles away. [1c]
  • Let the Four Winds Blow! The wizard calls upon air spirits to repel multiple simultaneous threats. [1c]
  • Lightning Bolt: A bolt of lightning is thrown at the casters enemy. [6a]
  • Lightning Storm: An aethyric storm is called down by the caster. [6a]
  • Mistral From the Stratosphere: Frigid Azyr is conjured from the wizards hand. [1c]
  • Mystic Mirror: Enables the wizard to communicate with a person through mirrors or reflective surfaces such as calm water. [1c]
  • Niezlib's Optimal Firing Solution:' Originally used to prove theroies about the movement of celestial objects, its creator Lord Astromancer Wilfried-Gotthelm Niezlib later adapted it to enhance cannon broadsides aboard ships. [5b]
  • Omen: The future is divined in a limited way by reading the stars. [6a]
  • Polish and Glean: A glass object is cleaned to a spotless shine. [1c]
  • Portent: The caster can alter the chance of one event happening to a individual or not. [7a]
  • Project Spirit: The casters spirit is detached from their body to travel and observe the world. [1c]
  • Sapphire Arch: A sweeping arch of pure sapphire is created which people can enter and re-appear when the spell is cast again or the caster dies. [1c][7a]
  • Sea of Glass: Silence and calm envelops the ship and the sea for several miles. [5b]
  • Starcrossed: Manipulate the luck of enemies. [1c]
  • Starshine: Light is drawn down from the stars to illuminate the area around you with a soft glow. [1c][6a]
  • Storm of Shemtek: Thecasters body becomes a lightning rod of arcane power. [1c][7a]
  • Swiftwing: The caster becomes a blur of cyan energy that moves at great speed. [7a]
  • T’Essla’s Arc: A crackling bolt of lightning is conjured to attack the casters enemy. [1c]
  • The First Portent of Amul: Additional luck is drawn to the caster. [1c][6a]
  • The Second Portent of Amul: Additional luck is drawn to the caster. [1c][6a]
  • The Third Portent of Amul: Additional luck is drawn to the caster. [1c]
  • Thorsen's Thunderstorm: A storm rages after a tiny stone hammer is thrown at the casters enemy. [1c] [2a]
  • Wind Blast: Raging wind is called down by the caster. [6a]
  • Wings of Fate: The caster is able to fly. [6a]



Azyr. The breath of the firmament. To discern the Blue Wind is to witness a panoramic spectacle, as it drifts, swirls, and eddies across the vast theatre of the heavens. We unfortunate groundlings can only gaze in reverence as the stars pirouette above us, their motions orchestrating the beautiful harmonies of Azyr. If we attend to their song, we may learn of events yet to come.

~ Volans’ fourth letter to the Colleges of Magic.[1a]


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