Lore of the Serpent

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The Lore of the Serpent is Magic used by the Serpent Priestesses of the Amazon Sisterhood. [1a]



  • Serpent's Strength: Calling wildly to the ancients, the Priestess calls forth the strength of the jungle, its essence filling her with primal fury. [1a]
  • Shield of Thorns: - Calling upon the very plants of the jungle to protect her, the Priestess is surrounded by a wall of writhing undergrowth. [1a]
  • Singing Wind:The Priestess calls to her the spirit of the divine wind, whipping the jungle into a frenzy and lashing her foes without mercy. [1a]
  • Siren's Dream: The Priestess sings hauntingly, mesmerising all who hear her. [1a]
  • The Living Jungle:In a whirl of graceful motion, the Priestess calls forth the denizens of the jungle, binding them to aid her against her foes. [1a]
  • Wendala's Maelstrom: The Priestess is surrounded by a swirling tropical storm, the harsh winds protecting her from enemy shooting. [1a]


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