Lorenzo Lupo

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Lorenzo Lupo, Prince of Tilea.

Lorenzo Lupo, Prince of Lucinni is the current ruler of the Tilean city-state of Luccini and a descendant of that city's ancient founders.


Lorenzo is very proud of his line of descent from his city's founders: Lucan and Luccina. As well as this he is quite an antiquarian and collector of art and antique artifacts. His palazzo on the old acropolis of Luccini is decorated with frescoes in the antique style and the gardens and colonnades display old statues found in the acropolis.

Lorenzo is a well built, muscular man, much like the colossal bronze statues depicting his ancestor lucan. He follows the ancient classical Tilean athletical pursuits as practiced in the days of his ancestors. This means that he regularly hurls the discus, wrestles or fights hand-to-hand against the strongest opponents, rows on the Tilean sea in the galley he races, trains with heavy bronze weights and runs in the Great Race in one end of his princedom to the other, as messengers did in the distant past. This means that he is very strong, tough and agile.

His prized possessions are heirlooms of his house, said to have been owned by the city's founders. Lorenzo wears armour of the old-fashioned style and fights on foot in the manner of his ancestors. This is a strange eccentricity of his and would be considered quaint and maybe even ridiculous by his rivals if he wasn't so good a general and didn't beat them so regularly, his prescence also inspires his troops, who not only benefit from his outstanding, but will be eager to protect their Prince in close combat. His reputation for bravery and fighting hand-to-hand in the front rank of his troops has earned him the respect and awe of his enemies.

Items & Abilities

Lorenzo was a deadly Mercenary General, renowned for his skill in close combat.

Sword of Lucan - Lorenzo Lupo's sword, believed to be the actual sword used by his remote ancestor, Lucan, the founder of Luccini. The sword's razor sharp edge cuts through any armour with ease.

Shield of Myrmidia - This old shield was found during the rebuilding of the temple of Myrmidia on Luccini's acropolis. It dates to the time of the founding of the city, or perhaps even earlier. The shield bears the sun symbol of the war goddess and has the magical ability to dazzle the bearer's opponents.

Ring of Lucinna - Luccina, sister of Lucan, was said to be a sorceress. Lorenzo wears a ring which bears a cameo gem depicting her, and which may even have been hers. The gem has the ability of restoring the soldiers' morale, returning their will to fight for their lord again.


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