Lorrus Grymn

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Lorrus Grymn is a Stormcast Eternal, a Lord-Castellant of the Hallowed Knights, famed for his defensive capabilities and accompanied into battle by his beloved Gryph-Hound Tallon.

Grymn is the rocky cliff upon which many a tide of blades has broken and his fellow Hallowed Knights claim that Grymn could wear down a daemon lord – not just with parrying blade and indomitable stamina, but with impromptu battlefield lectures on proper bladesmanship and correct footwork. He is a valued asset to the Hallowed Knights, usually given order to defend fellow officers of sites of power and he will give every iota of his attention to the task.[1]



His name was Lurgun Blackpelt and he was the chieftain of a nomadic tribe who were attacked by daemons of Slaanesh. Although he fought well, he was cut down and Sigmar took his soul to be reforged.[2]

Stormcast Eternal

The only warrior ever to have fought Gardus to a standstill in the Gladitorium. Grymm was the one to replace Gardus, during the knights trek through the Realm of Life after the Lord-Celestant disappeared.[1]