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Loxia is a Stardrake and the mount of Lord-Celestant Imperius of the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost.[1][2]


She is the oldest of the Stardrakes, the children of Dracothion. [3a]

When Imperius first presented the solargem to the Skytemple, she choose him to be bonded to. [3a]

Imperius and Loxia led the force that finally recaptured Sigmar's Gate, a renowned realmgate that the city of Vellixia had been built around in the Age of Myth. Four previous attempts had been made in the Age of Sigmar but each had been repulsed by the Bloodthirster Kul'rhex and his legions. In the ensuing battle, the bonded pair would engage the enraged Greater Daemon.[3a]

Imperius was struck from his saddle and Loxia was finally overcome, the daemon pluging his fangs into her neck but as she returned to the stars, Imperius in turn attacked Kul'rhex and although badly wounded manged to overcome it.[3a]