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The Lunaghast is a moon-like entity that appeared in the Mortal Realms from the Aetheric Void during the Time of Tribulations. It is a moon of dark matter that absorbs the wisdom and secrets of mortals to fuel its own morbid curiosity. When the light of Hysh illuminates its surface, the moon appears to have a terrifying face. [1a]


With the beginning of the Time of Tribulations doomsayers began flock to the sanctum's of their Lords ranging from the strongholds of the Free Cities to the grisly throne rooms of the Flesh-eater Courts. While early warnings were heeded the constant naysaying eventually took its toll on the Lords who begin to execute seers and prophets for what they saw as fear mongering and plotting. The sudden influx of souls carrying hidden knowledge to Shyish through the void attracted the attention of the Lunaghast to the Mortal Realms. With the arrival of the Lunaghast betrayers and traitors found their powers bolstered but the greatest boon was for the Knight of Shrouds who rode upon waves of fear to win psychological victories. [1a]

In the aftermath of the Shyish necroquake, a great army of undead rose to serve the Lunaghast named as the Moonslain March by the revenant lords that lead this army. This attracts the attention of the Bad Moon which saw it as an attempt to take over its territory and attacks the Lunaghast in the firmament, biting a chunk out of it as surging Gloomspite hordes attacked the Moonslain from every side, Skragrott's 'Ordz chief among them. This event became to be known as the Loonwar which spilled outward until the entirety of the Kraniad Isle was overtaken by the battles fought between the two armies as meteors rained down from the battling moons high above.[2]


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