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Map of Lustria

Lustria is the southern continent of the New World, which lies far west of the continent of the Southlands across the Great Ocean.

The Isthmus of Pahaux connects Lustria to the northern continent, whose most notorious inhabitants are the Dark Elves, who have carved out a kingdom known as Naggaroth in its northernmost region.

The rumours of the vast wealth of the Lustrian continent draws more and more explorers, adventurers and treasure hunters from the Old World. Many explorers have never returned, as the native races guard their treasures violently.


Lustria's primary mountain range is the Spine of Sotek, a range of volcanic mountains that runs parallel to the west coast of Lustria. Along the coast west of the mountains is the narrow Copper Desert, while dense jungles dominate the lands east of the mountains.

The southern region of Lustria is the Culchan Plains, an expansive region of grassland plains.

Environment and Fauna

Approximately four-fifths of Lustria is covered by dense jungle with trees older than humanity and soaring hundreds of feet into the sky. Plant growth is very thick, often broken only by temporary game trails, and shrouded in dense fog. Although outsiders typically perceive this as a single uniform biome, Lustrian natives are familiar with many distinct environments within it, such as ferntree valleys, titanic skywoods and moss-covered flood zones, each of which hosts its own native perils. Many species of this plant life are carnivorous, such as spikethorns, creeper vines and blood-hungry spore clouds. [3a]

Additional environments also exist on the continent, such as mountains, desert, and a vast open plain, but the jungle dominates the landscape. [3a]

The Lustrian forests are home to numerous and diverse animal species, most of them dangerous to outsiders. Many stinging insects are found here, which swarm through the air or hide among vines and can grow to the size of a fist. Large hunting cats and cannibalistic monkey-kin are also common predators. The dominant form of life here, however, are the many species giant reptiles. Cold Ones hunt in packs along game trails, while Terradons nest in the canopies. Stegadons freely trample through the jungle, creating temporary open paths before these are reclaimed by the rampant plant life. Long-necked sauropods prey on creatures in the treetops, while Thunder Lizards tower over the canopies and eat clouds. Carnosaurs are the dominant predators here, and feared by all other beings. The deepest jungle areas are home to creatures not seen elsewhere, such as many-legged giant beasts, serpents with feathered wings, and the Arcanadon. [3a]


Lustria was long an isolated continent; guarded by the High Elves, it was unreachable by any explorers. The continent was home to the Old Ones, as its hot, humid climate suited their metabolism much better than anywhere else in the world. Here they prospered and built great cities, guiding the path of life throughout the rest of the land.

In 2376 IC, the spell that enhances the power and agressiveness of the flora and fuana is further boosted and the jungles become even more dangerous. [3b]


The dominant race of Lustria are the Lizardmen, who serve the ancient race called the Slann.

The Slann were originally the servant race of the Old Ones. They are the current inhabitants of the steamy jungles of Lustria, served by the Lizardmen, their own servant-race - comprised of the Skinks and Saurus. It is unclear whether the Old Ones brought the Saurus with them through the portal or whether they found them in Lustria, but they still inhabit the region to this day. The Saurus act as the brute warrior caste of the Lizardmen armies while Skinks are intelligent thinkers born on the backs of Cold Ones. They use Kroxigors as beasts of burden and have developed various flying creatures to aid communication throughout their empire.[2a]


Incoming settlers tend to stay in the coastal regions where the winds blow away the swarms of mosquitoes whilst the jungle itself is full of many dangerous creatures. [2a]

The peak of their Temple-Cities poke above the jungle canopy, with the height of the pyramid reflecting the power and age of the Mage Priests. At its appex, is a platform where the Priest himself dwells.[2a]

    • Chaqua, a Lizardman city where the rise of the serpent god Sotek was first prophesied.
    • Hexoatl, the city to the north of the main area of Lustria in which the oldest living Slann, Lord Mazdamundi resides.
    • Itza, the oldest of the Lizardmen cities and the first to have been founded by the enigmatic Old Ones.
    • Quetza, a ruined Lizardmen city.
  • Vampire Coast: The Domain of Luthor Harkon. [2a]



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