Lybaran sky-boat

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Lybaran sky-boats were flying airships created by the city of Lybaras in Nehekhara. [1a][1b]

It required a strong stomach to journey on one the vessels. [1b]


A thirty yard long air bladder hung above a modified river boat via a web of stout cables, thicker than a mans arm. The canvas air-sacks contained air spirits that kept the boat aloft, and the boats could carry a full company of soldiers or a huge amount of supplies.[1b]


They were used in the campaign against Nagash in -1750 IC [1a] and again in -1744 IC, carrying supplies and troops for the combined armies of Lybaras and Rasetra. They were used to transport King Rakh-amn-hotep and his warriors to Quatar where he and his ally, King Hekhmenukep were marshalling their forces to attack Khemri itself. [1b]

Eight of the vessels were used at the 2nd Battle at the Springs of Eternal Life as signalling platforms. [1c]


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