Lynsh Blacktail

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Lynsh Blacktail was a Skaven captain of a Clan Skurvy barge-scow. [1a]


A green eyed skaven with a tuft of white hair on his chin and wearing a battered black hat, his tail had been partially replaced by a blade studded length of leather after an encounter with a water beast of the dark underground water.[1a]


He departed Skabreach with a load of slaves, chow-rats, mushrooms and passengers including the Grey Seer Thanquol but upon reaching a good distance he and his crew enslaved the passengers, throwing over board any they could not sell. However when he declares the Grey seer to be bound for the same fate, one of the crew protests, fearful of the wrath of the Horned Rat. Lynsh promptly shoots him, but the body falls within reach of a dwarf slave who quickly grabs theblade and leads a short-lived rebellion. [1a]

This is crushed with the assistance of Thanquol's magic who assumes command of the vessel, having Blacktail quickly thrown overboard. [1a]

Warpstone Snuff

Thanquol acquired his substantial stash of the drug after taking over and found it to be very potent. [1b]


Alright you bilge-worms! Sort the passenger-meat! Steal-fetch all of it! Put any rat-meat we can sell-trade with the slaves! The rest can swim-sink!.

~Lynsh .[1a]