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Slann Mage Priest.

The Slann Mage Priests are fat toad or frog-like creatures who are the leaders and priest-caste of the Lizardmen[1a]. They were the original and first amongst the servants of the Old Ones. [5]


Slann are large, corpulent toad-like beings. A Slann's bloated body can take a fair beating, and their magical energies lend them some protection, however overall they are physically frail. When in battle, Slann do not walk or ride beasts but are instead born aloft on floating palanquins imbued with magical power[need citation] or on palanquins carried by Temple Guards directed by the Slann's will [1c]. This is partly to avoid setting foot on the ground which has been tainted ever since the first Coming of Chaos[need citation]. It's normal for a Slann to live for thousands years. [1a]

However none have been spawned since the fall of the Old Ones. As a result the Slann are a dying race, unable to replenish their numbers[1a]. Each time a Slann dies it is a great loss for the Lizardmen. Due to their great age, even the youngest Slann are many thousands of years old and can remember a time long before the rise of Elves or Humans. Only a few hundred Slann remain in the world and they regard the world with a cold, alien intelligence. [1a]


The Slann were created to assist the Old Ones with their Great Plan. More than half of them were killed during the Great Catastrophe. [3a]

By the year -4700 IC, all of the Slann of the First Spawning have been killed. [4a]


The Slann are, on average, the most powerful wizards in the Warhammer world, capable of killing a foe with a wave of their hand or destroying a city with but a nod of their heads. Even the lowliest Slann is more than a match for the greatest wizards of other races. Only the most powerful of Elf mages can compare.

Relic Priests

In hidden crypts hidden deep within the oldest temples, lie the sacred mummified remains of deceased Slann. The spirit of a dead Mage-Priest often hovers near its dried body-husk, and magical energy pulses through the air around the corpse. It is unknown how much these Slann spirits are able to manipulate the corporeal world, though many prophets believe that their influence is substantial, if not always apparent. The most famous Relic Priest is Lord Kroak whose mummified body is sometimes brought to battles in times of dire need.


The Slann were created in five spawning by the Old Ones, each with their own task to play in the Great Plan: [1a][3a]

  • First spawning - None of the 1st Spawning survived, although many still remain as Relic Priests, the most famous being Lord Kroak.[1a]
  • Second spawning - Only five remain, and their purpose was to alter the world's orbit. Lord Mazdamundi is the most famous member of this spawning. [1a]
  • Third spawning - Younger than their forebears by almost seven thousand years, a score of this spawning still remain, ruling lesser cities or temples. [1a]
  • Fourth spawning - These Slann were spawned for a special purpose, to maintain the warp gates and to create the "world pond" that separates the continents. They now act as generals, overseers or subordinate rulers. [1a]
  • Fifth spawning - These are the youngest of the Slann, created only centuries before the Great Catastrophe, even so they remember the time before the race of Men and Dwarfs. They are the most active of the Slann and commonly lead the armies of the Lizardmen. [1a]


All Mage-Priests can receive and transmit telepathically with other distant Slann and so rarely speak, with those of the Fifth Spawning being the most vocal, speaking several times a day. [1c]

The Great Plan

As such, Slann spend most of their time in deep meditation, communicating telepathically with each other, attempting to gain vision of the future and interpret the will of the Old Ones. The known world is only a small element of the ancient plan that the Slann still try to serve. [1a]

During this they are attended by the Skinks and carefully guarded by the mighty Saurus Temple Guard. In these states of serene contemplation a Slann will appear dead to the casual observer, not moving for centuries and only speaking to mutter some half understood prophecies that the Skink Priests must decipher the true meaning of. While the Lizardmen obey the Slann without question, the fact that Slann spend most of their time in meditation means that the day-to-day running of Lizardmen society is often left up to the Skinks, and the commanding of armies to the Saurus.[3a]

Weapons and Equipment

Since the Great Catastrophe, the Slann have not set a single toe on the earth to avoid their thoughts and magical power being disrupted. Instead when they must leave their pyramid-temples they travel upon palanquins. [3a]

  • 5th Edition: Ceremonial Mace (Hand Weapon), Palenquin, Shield of the Old Ones. May have Magic Items. [1b]
  • 6th Edition: Ceremonial Mace (Hand Weapon), Palenquin, Shield of the Old Ones, Skink Attendant. May have Magic Items. May carry Battle Standard. [2a]
  • 8th Edition: Hand Weapon, Mage-Priest Palenquin, Shield of the Old Ones. May have Disciplines of the Old Ones, Magic Items. May carry Battle Standard. [2a]
  • W:TOW: Hand Weapon. May take a Discipline of the Old Ones. May take Magic Items. [5]
  • Shield of the Old Ones: A powerful protective energy shield. [1a]




Nota Bene : As explained in the introduction of the Old Ones page, before 1997 Slanns were a frog race came from stars and named Old Slanns. The Slann still living in the current years of the game were the far descendant of the ones that came upon the known world and transform it as it is now. The lore written since 1997 put some incoherences because it distinguish Old Ones and Slann as two different species, keeping the might of aliens who remold the planet while their abilities makes unecessary the creation of slann. The lore deals with 5 spawnings, the first happening after the world have been warmed[1a]. So, why create potent slaves to remold a world already remold ? One again, the presented lore since 1997 could be see as a misunderstanding from humans and elves sages for Slanns being just descendants of the Old Ones formerly named Old Slaans.

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