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A Magister duelling a Battle Wizard

Magisters are powerful sorcerers in service to Tzeentch. Filled with eldritch energies, a Magister can wield fantastical fires to scorch the foe, or transform an enemy into the squelching, misshapen form of a Chaos Spawn. As a member of the cabal of an Arcanite Cult, a Magister will use all his fell powers to inflict change and ruin upon the Mortal Realms in the name of the Great Conspirator. [1]


Magisters are typically the joint-leaders of the Tzeentchian Arcanite cults (alongside fellow members of the Sorcerer cabals). Armed with fantastical and powerful magics, these individuals have all sold their souls to Tzeentch in return. As well as a lack of soul, they are usually afflicted with several strange mutations, such as third eyes and long, black horns.