Magnus the Mad

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This article is about the Norse raider. You may be searching for Emperor Magnus the Pious.

Very little is known about Magnus the Mad. It can be deduced that he was a Norse chieftain, leader of a raiding party. He led a raid upon Ulthuan in 1703 IC, in the 200th year of the reign of Bel-Hathor the Sage[1b][2c][3b].

Magnus and 200 warriors managed to disembark near Lothern and tried to besiege the city. Facing the 10,000 strong Sea Guard, Magnus and his men charged... their ultimate fate is unknown, but neither Magnus nor any of his men were ever seen again.

While unsuccessful, Magnus's raid marked the beginning of a new era in High Elf history and politics; the High Elves could no longer afford to ignore and/or dismiss the ambitious nations of the Old World [1a][2a][2b][3a].

Facing an increasing number of Norse raids, Bel-Hathor issued an edict forbidding the entry of all humans into Ulthuan and organized the creation of the Shifting Isles. Afterwards he decided to send Finubar, prince of Eataine, to study and evaluate the realms of the Old World [1a][1b] [2b][2c][3a][3b].


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