Magnus the Pious

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Magnus the Pious.

Magnus von Bildhofen[1], commonly called Magnus the Pious, was one of the greatest leaders and heroes of The Empire. He was elected Emperor in 2304 and ruled until his death in 2369 IC.

Magnus appeared at the time of greatest peril, reunifying the divided Empire and saving the Old World at a time when Chaos had reached such a strength that its forces were threatening to overrun Kislev to the northeast, long the bulwark against Chaos.

This was the darkest period for the Empire - there was no Emperor, as the imperial system had effectively ended in 1979 IC, but even before, the election of the Emperor had become little more than a sham.

Coinciding with the Empire's dissolution was the growing power of Chaos. In a new Chaos Incursion, the Chaos Warlord Asavar Kul rampaged southwards. The forces of Chaos crossed the River Lynsk of Kislev, besieging and finally leveling the city of Praag to the ground.

Magnus, a nobleman from Nuln, realised this lack of leadership and unity left the Empire unable to defend itself against the growing threat of Chaos. Driven by his faith, he walked throughout the Empire, preaching the word of Sigmar and driving the people until they believed he was the man who could lead them to victory. Ultimately, in the Great War Against Chaos, Magnus gathered a great army and marched north to meet the threat, his force a massive and diverse array of gleaming knights, crazed flagellants, hardy state troops and, in a particularly new and controversial move, hedge wizards trained in battle magic by the High Elves.

High Mage Teclis of Ulthuan had been sent by the Phoenix King to aid the realms of men, knowing that if the Empire was to fall the rest of the world would eventually follow. With precious few warriors to spare (as the High Elves were fighting a desperate war against their dark kin at the same time) Teclis took two of his fellow mages from the White Tower, Yrtle and Finreir, and set off for the Empire[2].

High King Alriksson of the Dwarfs also marched north to aid the nations of men. Eventually the forces of Chaos would meet the greatest alliance in the history of the old world. Ultimately, the men, elves and dwarfs drove back the armies of Chaos at the battle of Kislev, and ended the Great War.

Afterwards, Magnus was elected Emperor in honour of his great victory. "The Pious" as he became known, due to his religious fervour and devotion to Sigmar, reunited the Empire, and instigated many traditions and institutions that still survive today.

Magnus again enlisted the aid of Teclis in founding the Colleges of Magic in Altdorf.