Magore Redhand

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Magore Redhand miniature.

Magore Redhand is the leader of the Magore's Fiends warband stuck in the Mirrored City.[1][2]


During battle with the Stormcast Eternals, he underwent a macabre transformation, his stomach forming a daemonic maw that he used to decapitate the Lord-Castellant about to strike him down.[2]


I've been looking forward to this. Your skull shall be a worthy trophy.

~Magore Redhand.[3a]

You will earn me glory, or I will flay the skin from your back. The choice is yours.

~Magore Redhand.[3b]

Let them scavenge for trinkets. I have come for skulls, not baubles.

~Magore Redhand.[3c]

Fail me a second time and I will carve open your belly and feed your worthless innards to Riptooth.

~Magore Redhand.[3d]

I will be the greatest of Khorne's servants, and by my hand the realms will drown in blood.

~Magore Redhand.[3e]

At last, a worthy foe.

~Magore Redhand.[3f]

He's a clever one, this wretch. That won't stop me from gutting him.

~Magore Redhand.[3g]