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Mana-Lisi Galeazzo was a Tilean Heroine. [1a]

She was the daughter of General Galeazzo, the castellan of the famous fortress of Monte Castello. [1a]


She was born in -2369 IC. [1a]

In 2401 IC, the greenskin horde of Ugluth the Vile attacked the fortress and her father was killed. Secretly she donned his armour, and then led his troops, repulsing three further attacks but during the third she lost her helm, revealing her true identity. The men began to to talk of risking everything in a desperate sally.[1a]

Mana-Lisi, a student of Myrmidian strategy, pointed out that if the Orcs were allowed to enter the fortress they would defile Tintoverdi’s greatest masterpiece, The Five Seasons, which adorned the banqueting room. She asked those who wished to defend the work to remain, whilst the others could go and so shamed by her bravery, the soldiers fought to the last.

Three months later a relief force from Luccini liberated the castle but Mana-Lisi herself had been slain by a Goblin arrow.[1a]

To this day many mercenaries bear heraldry of Myrmidia depicted with the face of Mana-Lisi. [1a]


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