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Maq'uat is a Skink priest in the service of Lord Xuatamos.[1]

During the Time of Tribulations on the temple-ship of Aximahotl, he discerned that a malign force was causing stars to go out in the void and subsequently discovered that his master had entered the long sleep and was unlikely to awaken. Unwilling not to act he persuaded Narok-Gar to allow him to enter and activate the spawning chambers of the ship and then unleash the Starhosts upon the Realm of Shyish[1]


There is an ancient power rising. Death saps the light from the stars, and smothers the realms in darkness and fear. We must act. The spawning cycle must be brought forwards. We must make ready for war.

~ Maq'uat to Narok-Gar .[1]