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Mariato was a vampire in the World-that-Was.[1]

A favourite of the ancient vampire Lady Khemalla of Lahmia, he was jealous of his mistress and when she enlisted the famous Giovanni Gottio to paint her portrait he threatened the young man. However when Khemalla herself was informed she ended the vampire and presented his ashes to Gottio along with his signature emerald ring.[1]

It was unusual for a member of the Lahmian Sisterhood to create male vampires.


Scheherzade. That is what I will call you. Do you know the name, little painter? It is a name from her homeland, a storyteller who prolonged her life for a thousand and one nights by entertaining her master with tales and fables. How many nights do you think you have left, my Scheherzade? Her enemies are close, and by the time Mannslieb's face shines full again, we will be gone from here. Will your precious painting be finished by then? I think not, for such things take great time and care, do they not?

~Mariato to Giovanni Gottio . [1]


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