Mark of Chaos

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If a Warrior of Chaos is favoured by one Chaos God over all others, the symbol of his patron may appear prominently on his body, often on his forehead. Some marks take an even more extreme form, such as horns in the shape of the mark or a glowing halo above his head. Warriors marked by the same god often march together in the name of their divine patron.[1a]

List of Marks

The different marks give different boons, reflecting the character of the god in question.

  • The ever-burning Mark of Tzeentch grants a greater knowledge of how to manipulate magic. It also enables the warrior to see the future and avoid attacks by the enemy.[1a]
  • The Mark of Nurgle often takes the form of a cluster of warts or buboes. Bearers are surrounded by clouds of flies and an aura of disease that reduces the attacking ability of their foes.[1a]
  • Constantly dripping with blood, the Mark of Khorne invigorates the bearer and drives them into a violent frenzy.[1a]
  • Even the most dreadful of sights fills with glee the bearers of the Mark of Slaanesh, such is the extent of its emboldening affects.[1a]
  • The Eternally Burning Mark of Chaos is the blessing of all four Chaos Gods. It combines the effects of the individual Marks of Chaos, but is even more powerful. The current bearer of the Mark is Archaon, who gained it at the Altar of True Darkness in Naggaroth.[1b]