Martoris Skywarden

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Martoris Skywarden is a Stormcast Eternal, a Lord-Castellant and the Commander of the Excelsis Eeyrie and member of the Knights Excelsior. [1a]

His seneschal is Jeshoria[1a]


Martoris has a deep, rich voice with ochre coloured skin and silver hair. He has a tight-cropped beard and one eye has been replaced by a silver orb. [1a]


Victory is all that matters, not delicate sensibilities. You Hammers of Sigmar enjoy the privilege of a certain naivete alongside your shining heroism. That is not so for us all. Now, do you desire the information that you came here for, or will you baulk at its source.

~Martoris to Tarion Arlor.[1a]