Master Moulder

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A master Moulder.

Master Moulders are the senior-ranking members of Clan Moulder, a rank just above the more common Packmasters and below the insane Master Mutators. The things created by these sadistic vermins within Clan Moulder's laboratories frighten even the powerful Grey Seers. Nothing is sacred to these vile Skaven. They blend the parts of hundreds of creatures to create something bigger, better, and stronger, a horror that will safeguard Moulder’s place at the top of the Under-Empire's cruel militaristic hierarchy.[1]

Through the techniques of fleshmoulding, these Master Moulders create a menagerie of deadly creatures. Ever evolving, this process involves a combination of surgery and exposure to warp energy to create something new and terrifying. Trained in flesh-shaping techniques passed down generation after generation, they are responsible for Giant Rats, Rat Ogres, and any number of other abominations.[1]

These burly commanders often personally lead their beasts to battle to better inspect the performance of both pack and Packmaster. Master Moulders instill great control and discipline in a pack, largely on account of their ability to cause even more severe pain. Many Master Moulders bear unique (if not downright horrific) tools of their trade, such as the things-catcher - a wicked looking prod with a mechanical grabber.[2]