Matthogg's Payswords

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Matthogg's Payswords are a warband of Mercenary Ogres fighting for whoever will either pay or feed them well. [1a]


Apart from Rulg Deathchater, most of them currently dress in something approximating the fashion of the Reikland including doublets with slashed sleeves, prominent plumes, and leather breeches. [1b]


As they have travelled, the company has fought Beastmen, Dwarfs, Orcs & Goblins and not a few Humans. [1a]

Most recently Matthogg led his company into the World's Edge Mountains where they became embroiled in a series of battles between the various Orc and Goblin tribes that infest the mountains, serving various sides which reduced the company in size. To recover, they set up camp in Ostermark, near Gryphon’s Wood and the town of Nagenhof, howver they swiftly exhausted the areas food and whilst banditry is always an option, Matthogg is set upon establishing a reputation for himself and the Payswords as mercenaries par excellence. [1a]




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