Melmoth Udolpho

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Melmoth Udolpho is a Tilean Sorcerer [1c] whose strange house lies near Miragliano. [1b]

He possesses one of the largest private libraries in the Old World. [1b]


As a young man he was the foremost collector of sensational literature.

He travelled extensively in Cathay, the Dark Lands and Lustria looking for a way to extend his life. [1c]

On his deathbed he used magic obtained by his pirate ancestor to weave an immensely powerful enchantment around him and his mansion. This preserved him but also allowed him to use those within it as puppets and players in whatever melodrama he constructed for his enjoyment, resurrecting them when they died. This was even powerful enough to ensnare the vampire Genevieve Dieudonne when she was driven to take shelter in the house during a storm. [1f]



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