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Partially consumed by the Chaos God Slaanesh, even when rescued from his gullet, many of these aelf souls are permanently damaged and transformed by their torment and now the Melusai are a race of half serpentine warrior aelves and spies at the behest of their Shadow Queen, Morathi.[1a]


Channelling the aelf souls into the magical cauldron Màthcoir, Morathi used it to create both the Melusai and the Khinerai.[1a] They are the combination of her blood magic, her desire for vengeance and the tainted and tormented souls she helped rescue - they are created only in the temple city of Hagg Nar. [1c]

Temple Sects are blessed with the presence of sisters but they are normally kept hidden or cloaked in illusionary magic. They may also act as eyes in the temples for their queen, dealing with any that might question the high Oracle, her intentions or her actions. There are least two distinct forms of the Melusai. [1c]

Blood Sisters

Often serving as bodyguards for the Medusae or high ranking aelf priestesses, the Blood Sisters can also be found at the forefront of attacking formations of war covens. Normally armed with heartshard glaives they can also perform a magical attack using the darker parts of their souls - the scáith touch which can transform enemies into crystal statues. A truly skilled sister will cut out a foes heart as they do so, trapping them with unending pain. [1c]

Blood Stalkers

Uncannly skilled archers, the stalkers carry heartseaker bows - the arrows of which are blessed by their Hag Queens with versions of the powerful enchantments that are found on the spear of the High Oracle herself. If they are able to indulge themselves in close combat they favour long daggers known as scianlar which can absorb the energies of the slain and send it Morathi.[1c]


Hear me my sisters, and I will tell you the one truth that matters: power. It matters not where or how we acquire it. Only that we do so. We have all felt the taint of what happens to those who are defeated, and it must never happen again. Rise my scàthborn, for you are my will.

~Morathi addressing her Melusai .[1b]