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Merga is a Chaos Sorcerer in the service of the Shadowlord in the city of Mordheim. [1]

The Chaos Sorcerer Merga

She was sent to the City of the Damned by the cult of the Purple Hand to discover what had happened and how the cult could use it. She instead discovered the power of warpstone and entered the service of the Shadowlord, calling her former masters but blind children in comparison.[1]


You have heard the Shadowlord’s call. You have cast aside the chains of morality and mercy, cut all the weakness of doubt from your mind. A greater calling beckons you – to serve the Ruinous Powers. Gather the wyrdstone, return its darkness to the Pit. By its malefic energies, shall the Shadowlord grow strong. Kill all those who would dare oppose you! Let them be offerings to Old Night! Glory and horror await you, the wonders and terrors of real truth! Of Chaos!

~Merga. [1]


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