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Map of Mittleresdorf

Mittleresdorf is a small town in the southwestern corner of Wissenland in the Empire. [1a]

It lies several days travel upriver from Wissenburg. [1a]


The settlement was created to provide a safe place for local farmers to live and also to draw new people to the area sand has been successful in both regards with both humans and a number of Dwarfs moving to the area. [1a]


A single elected Councillor, usually one of the merchant class. he co-ordinates the payment of taxes to ensure that the city walls and streets are maintained and the watchmen paid. [1a]


The majority of the population are farmers and their families, but there a number of merchants and traders. [1a]


  • Marketplace. [1a]
  • The Dregs: Shabby farmers homes outside the walls but in their shadow. [1a]
  • The Lords and Ladies: The wealtheir folk, mainly merchants live here - there is no actual nobility resident here. [1a]