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Moonclan Grots are a type of deranged Grots that dwell in the subterranean regions of the Mortal Realms and pray to Gorkamorka and the Bad Moon. They brew poisons from fungus and breed wild Squigs, drive them into battle gaining endless amusement from these strange creatures going wild, bouncing and eating anything they can get their maws on. They wear filthy rags and invade the kingdoms and keeps of both Chaos and Order, making giant bonfires to dance around in the moonlight before returning to their caves at dawn. They hide from the hateful light of the day holding it in spite and contempt.[1][2a]


When the Grot tribes scattered during the Age of Myth the ancestors of the Moonclan Grots settled in the most shadowy, twilit and danksome locations they can and began worshipping the Bad Moon. With the arrival of the Age of Chaos Moonclan Grots joined their allies in resisting the invaders with the most prominent being the Fungoid Cave-Shaman known as Zigsnak who started a massive Waaagh!, leading his horde of grots, orruks and ogors in a trail of destruction. This caught the attention of Korghos Khul who led the Goretide against the Waaagh! and after eight days and nights claimed Zigsnak’s head and brutally crushed his Waaagh!. The tale spreads from one Moonclan skrap to the next and many seek the safety of the deep’n’dark. [2b]

Moonclan Grots began tunneling downwards creating large cities with tunnel networks created by Segmapedes. As a result of tunneling they occasional broke into Fyreslayer magmaholds and Skaven burrows which resulted subterranean wars which either resulted in the destruction of luklairs or the expansion of Moonclan territories. They also made contact with Troggoths and Spiderfang Grots who lived in similar environments. Some contacts were violent but often they found a common cause. Moonclans traded fungi and potions for the Spiderfang's hallucinogenic or poisonous substances milked from arachnid beasts. Soon truces and barter economies turned into alliances when they realized that by fighting together they could drive off the monsters and armed foes that sought to oust them from their territories. This led to the creation of the first hordes of the Gloomspite Gitz.[2a][2b]


Moonclan Grots hate light and daylight burns their skin and hurts their eyes, in fact the bogeyman of Moonclan lore known as Glareface Frazzlegit is depicted as a cruel star or searing ball of sentient light. Thus they are troglodytic and build their settlements known as lurklairs in tunnels which are illuminated using bioluminescent fungi and elongated glo-squigs. Lurklairs consist of interlinked cave systems in which water drips and pools and stalagmites and stalactites form. Smaller caves guard posts are known as slinkholes. The larger caves are filled with fungal dwellings, ramshackle squig paddocks and huts made from pilfered junk where leaders such as local shamans, Loonboss reside. Adjoining caverns are used as underground mushroom nurseries, loot stores and prisons in which slaves are kept. The largest lurklairs can stretch for miles underground and accommodate millions of grots as well as often including conquered Fyreslayer magmaholds, duardin karaks or skaven burrows.[2c]


Grots of the Moonclans worship the Bad Moon both as their God as well as an aspect of Gorkamorka. They also have other religious figures like Glareface Frazzlegit, a bogeyman that represents the stars and suns that stands against everything the Moonclan feel is natural, and Boingob, a Squig Godbeast whose life was ended after it tried to devour Hysh and whose skull in Ghyran is a a holy site to them.[2a][2b][4]


Moonclan Grots gather into mobs known as Skulkmobs, often to cause trouble and to shank some unfortunate victims. When several Skulkmobs are brought under the control of an intimidating leader and turned into a capable raiding force it is known as a Skrap. A Skrap typically represent the full strength of a Moonclan lurklair, but larger settlements may be able to churn several such hordes.[2d]

A Moonclan skrap combines massed numbers, wily tactics and fungus-fuelled madness to achieve victory. Skraps include a mixture of bow-armed Shoota skulkmobs and blade-wielding Stabba skulkmobs reinforced by various packs of squig-herding or squig-riding loons. Sneaky Snufflers scurry ahead of the Skraps to seek out choice fungi and scout out directions from which to ambush the foe. Flanks are protected by marauding packs of Cave Squigs which are herded to devour enemies who ‘try anyfing clevver’. Squig Hoppers and Boingrot Bounders target weak spots in the enemy lines while whirling bands of Fanatics plough through enemy ranks in showers of spores and gore. They are led into battle by whichever Moonclan Grot has managed to connive, coerce and murder their way to the top alongside his lieutenants who are still trying to achieve that goal. Skraps are commonly led by Loonbosses who are advised by a gaggle of shamans but sometimes a local shaman may lead a Skraps influencing the grots through their superstitious fear of his sorcerous powers. In such instances the Loonboss act as the shaman’s champion, war leader and chief bully boy if the skrap has a Loonboss.[2d]

Sometimes the wildest Moonclan Grots form nomadic bands known simply as Loons who try to leap over the Bad Moon or even fasten their fangs into it against Mooncast traditions. They are often cast out from their settlements form stampeding Squigalanches to chase after the Bad Moon on various squigs and throwing in their lot with whichever Gloomspite horde seems most likely to get the Bad Moon’s attention.[2d]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Kizik Moonclan Grots Grot Squig Herder Grot A Squig-Herder of the Black Worm Tribe.
Naglig Moonclan Grots Loonboss Grot The leader of the Black Worm Tribe.
Snazzgar Stinkmullett Moonclan Grots Fungoid Cave-Shaman Grot A Herald of Destruction active during the Time of Tribulations.
Skragrott da Loonking Moonclan Grots Loonboss Grot Self-proclaimed King of the Moonclans and ruler of Skrappa Spill.
Zarbag Moonclan Grots Loonboss Grot A Loonboss that has wandered the Nightvault for longer than he can remember.


Image Unit Faction Grand

Boingrot Bounder M01.jpg
Boingrot Bounder Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Boggleye M01.jpg
Boggleye Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Brewgit M01.jpg
Brewgit Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Fungoid Cave-Shaman M01.jpg
Fungoid Cave-Shaman Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Old warscroll
Loonboss M01.jpg
Loonboss Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Grot Warboss warscroll
Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig M01.jpg
Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig Moonclan Grots Destruction Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig warscroll
Grot Warboss on Great Cave Squig warscroll
Skarsnik M01.jpg
Loonboss with Giant Cave Squig Moonclan Grots Destruction Loonboss with Giant Cave Squig warscroll
Grot Warboss warscroll
Loonboss on Mangler Squigs M01.jpg
Loonboss on Mangler Squigs Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Loonsmasha Fanatic M01.jpg
Loonsmasha Fanatic Moonclan Grots Destruction Loonsmasha Fanatics warscroll
Grot Fanatics warscroll
Night Goblin Shaman M02.jpg
Madcap Shaman Moonclan Grots Destruction Madcap Shaman warscroll
Grot Shaman warscroll
Mangler Squig M03.jpg
Mangler Squigs Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Old warscroll
Scaremonger M01.jpg
Scaremonger Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Shoota M01.jpg
Shoota Moonclan Grots Destruction Shoota warscroll
Moonclan Grots warscroll
Shroomancer M01.jpg
Shroomancer Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Skragrott M01.jpg
Skragrott, the Loonking Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Sneaky Snuffler M01.jpg
Sneaky Snuffler Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Spiker M01.jpg
Spiker Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Sporesplatta Fanatic M01.jpg
Sporesplatta Fanatic Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Squig Herd M01.jpg
Squig Herd Moonclan Grots Destruction Squig Herd warscroll
Cave Squig warscroll
Squig Herder warscroll
Squig Hopper M01 AOS.jpg
Squig Hopper Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Old warscroll
Stabba M01.jpg
Stabba Moonclan Grots Destruction Stabba warscroll
Moonclan Grots warscroll
Zarbag M01.jpg
Zarbag Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll
Zarbag's Gitz M01.jpg
Zarbag's Gitz Moonclan Grots Destruction Warscroll

Colossal Squig M01.jpg
Colossal Squig Moonclan Grots Destruction Monstrous Arcanum Compendium
Squig Gobba M01.jpg
Squig Gobba Moonclan Grots Destruction Monstrous Arcanum Compendium

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