Morbus Stormwarden

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Morbus Stormwarden is a Lord-Relictor of the Steel Souls Warrior Chamber of the Hallowed Knights. [1]



In life he was the Ar-Morr of the mountain kingdom of Baran-Ulut in the Realm of Shyish, watching over the people and their realmstone inlaid shrines. He led them in battle when the skaven of the Clans Moulder invaded seeking that precious material and he slew many of the ratmen before being brought low by a Hellpit Abomination.[1]

Sigmar took him to be reforged. [1]

Stormcast Eternal

As he did in life, Morbus tends to the spiritual needs of the stormcast in the Steel Souls and purifying the holy places in which they worship their god. [1]


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