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A Crypt Flayer.

Mordants or Ghouls are humanoid cannibals that have consumed flesh from the feast of an Abhorrant Ghoul King. This transforms them into pale horrors that share their king's delusions, they become convinced they are nobles, peasants and soldiers in the service of a beneficent master, rather than the monstrous cannibals under the service of a bestial vampire.[1]

Those that are part of the Flesh-Eater Courts are victims of an ancient and powerful curse, spread throughout the Mortal Realms gathering flesh from the living and the dead for their king's pleasure. Some are allowed to drink their king's blood transforming them into more loyal and powerful variants of mordant at the cost of the rest of their sanity, and with time might the favoured may even become abhorrant vampires themselves, founding new courts and further spreading the flesh-eating madness.[1][2]



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