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Titles God of Engineers
Domains Engineering
Type Ancestor God
Affiliation Dwarfs
Relatives Grimnir(father)
Symbols Stylised stone thrower, Rope and pulley

Morgrim is a minor Ancestor God of the Dwarves. [1a]

The son of Grimnir and Valaya and the first engineer who taught his clans how to create various devices, machines and engines of war. He later joined Grimnir on his quest to close the northern Warp Gate, but honoured his fathers request to return home when the forces of Chaos were contained. [1a]


  • Bring those who steal or sell engineer secrets to justice. [1a]
  • Craftsmanship must be kept to the highest standard. [1a]
  • Dangerous and/or uncontrolled inventions must not be undertaken. [1a]
  • Knowledge is sacred and must be preserved, even at the cost of any novel ideas. [1a]
  • An engineer must accompany their construction phases with appropriate Guild incantation and litanies. [1a]


A male dwarf in chain-mail armour together with a full tool belt, dust covered hair and beard and oily hands. He wields his father’s axe, Onkegruni (Widow Maker). [1a]


Temples are found within all Engineer Guildhalls with the largest in Zhufbar with priests favouring dark clothing with the symbol of Morgrim on the left breast. The cult is on friendly terms with those of the other Ancestor Gods, especially Grungni and Grimnir and are hostile towards enemies of the Dwarf race. [1a]