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Mousillon or Moussillon is a city and former Dukedom of Bretonnia also known as the City of the Damned. [1a]

The city was built on the banks of the River Grismerie, which floods into the poorer areas every spring, sweeping away hovels and their inhabitants alike. [1a][2a]


The Dock gangs control and monopolise the trade and services. [3b]

  • Ecorcheurs: based in the ruined lighthouse, they focuss on the slave trade. [3b]
  • Garde Cimetiere: A morbid and violent brotherhood. [3b]
  • Sang'Argent: Based on the Damoiselle Vert and led by a Tilean Pirate. [3b]


Between 1319 and 1322 IC, almost the entire population died from the Red Pox as the city was besieged by the King. [3b]

Around 2300 IC, the King ordered more than two dozen towers built around the city to stop any peasants leaving and bringing the Red Pox to the rest of Bretonnia. This is known of the Cordon Sanitaire. [3b]


The river Grismerie sluggishly winds through the city, filled with refuse, poxes and corpses as drowning is a offical punishment for many gangs. [3b]

  • Bridge Quarter: Laundin's Crossing is the largest and only surviving bridge across the river. [3b]
    • Fallen Heaven: Music Hall and Tavern. [3b]
  • Chapel Quarter: It comprises most of the inhabitable buildings and the chapel itself provides a safe source of drinking water. Aurore and the Priesthood run it and it is protected by a militia. [3b]
  • Charnel Hills: When the people of the city were wiped out by the Red Pox, the King buried them in mass graves outside the walls and plague dead are still put here in plague pits. [3b]
  • Harbour: At the coast, ships can bearth on either bank of the river. [3b]
    • Lance of Light: At the tip of the southern dock is the ruined lighthouse and the headquarters of the Ecorcheurs. [3b]
    • Temple to Manann: It is kept in good order and remains a sacred place as the sailors that maintain it are terrifed of angering the God of the Sea. [3b]
  • Lost Town: The ruins that make up most of the northern part of the city, populated mainly by the undead. [3b]
  • Palace A strange eerie structure, long abandoned and covered by arcane symbols and gargoyles. [2a] None dare venture withn the sealed building. [3b]
  • South Gate: The main gate for travellers with its own cimmunity of desperate beggers. [3b]


The city is mainly inhabited by beggars, criminals and madmen. [3a]


The main industry of the city is smuggling with contraband of all kind entering Bretonnia via Mousillon. Much of it is simply merchants avoiding the high taxes imposed them in other portsbut other cargos include captives, poisons, forbidden tomes and the loot of pirates. Violent gangs control the docks and compete with each other for prime cargos. [3a]


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