Muhannad Ru'af

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Muhannad Ru'af was Arabyian Corsair and captain of the Badarra. [1a]


A large, pot-bellied man. [1b]


He was a rival of Captain Luka Silvaro of the Reivers, but they would exchange intelligence on occasion, following the Pirate Code. [1a]

Silvaro encountered Ru'af and his two ships whilst searching for the Butcher Ship[1a]

Having not seen sail for three weeks, low on water and with his crews being weak, undernourished and full of scurvy in desperation Ru'af ordered them to attack the pirate ships. However both crews were defeated by the pirates, the Tariq sunk and the Badarra left adrift and burning whilst Muhannad was captured and interrogated by Silvaro.[1b]


He commanded several vessels. [1a]

  • Badarra: A sixty-oar trireme painted red, white and gold, with a fighting castle at its bows and a pair of mighty lateen sails. [1a]
  • Tariq: A smaller forty-oar version of the Badarra. [1a]


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