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Banner of the Kingdom
The Shadowlands are located in the Northwest (upper left corner). Please note the location of Anlec.

The Shadowlands is all that remains of Nagarythe, the ancestral homeland of the Dark Elves. It is located between Tiranoc and Chrace while the Annulii Mountains separate them from Ellyrion and Avelorn.


Aenarion founded Nagarythe as his own personal fiefdom after the death of his first wife Astarielle[1a][2a][3a]. Ruling over the most hardened, driven and merciless warriors of his army, who became the Nagarythe, he established his court in the fortress of Anlec. Following his disappearance the realm of Nagarythe was inherited by his son Malekith.

The outbreak of the Sundering led to a division of the Nagarythe people; while the majority fought for Malekith, a minority remained loyal to the Phoenix Throne and fought for Caledor I.

At the end of the civil war, Malekith made a mad attempt to undo the Great Vortex. This led to a powerful magic backlash which quite literally ripped the land apart, leading to gigantic tsunamis which inundated and devastated large parts of Ulthuan, mainly the Northwest and especially Nagarythe.

Dark Elf invasions will often begin here; five major mountain passes cross the Annulii Mountains and are vital for major enemy incursions against the Inner Kingdoms.

The recent arrival of several tribes of Shades has led to a vicious guerrilla war between the new arrivals and the local nomadic bands of Shadow Warriors[3c].

Known features (north to south)

Few settlements remain near the inland borders from which the few remaining archers and spearmen that guard the grim kingdom are recruited. [4a]

  • Anlec: Former capital of Nagarythe, rebuilt and destroyed several times.
  • Phoenix Gate
  • Dragon Gate
  • Unicorn Gate
  • Griffon Gate: The sacrifice of all those who gave their lives for the defence of Ulthuan is honoured by a five hundred foot-tall statue of a Griffon[1b][2b][3b].
  • Eagle Gate


The best known element of the military are the bands of Shadow Warriors, but limited conventional forces including Archers, Spearmen and even a few Silver Helms are also present. [4a]


Many of the Elves of Nagarythe pray to Morai-Heg for vengeance against the Dark Elves. [4a]

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