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Narok-Gar is a Saurus Sunblood in the service of Lord Xuatamos[1]

The guardian of the Spawning Chambers of the temple-ship of Aximahotl


A mighty Sunblood who looks as though he has been sculpted from obsidian by an unskilled sculptor. his body is covered in scars and burns with his skull gouged horribly above his left eye – an old wound caused by a Khornate axe.


During the Time of Tribulations he was persuaded by Maq'uat to allow him to enter and activate the spawning chambers of the ship and then unleash the Starhosts upon the Realm of Shyish[1]


Born with hate, Born in pain. Pain gives strength....I summon starhosts, Where to strike, Starpriest?

~ Narok-Gar to Maq'uat.[1]