Neave Blacktalon

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Neave Blacktalon attacking Horticulous.

Neave Blacktalon is a Knight-Zephyros from the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost. She is a mysterious figure, a single-minded hunter and slayer, who does not boast about her exploits, motivated by a furious sense of justice and duty. She utilises the aetheric wind of her comrades to close the distance between her and the target, and then tears them apart with Whirlwind Axes.[1][2]


Before Reforging

Neave was born to a Human tribe in the Realm of Ghyran which was attacked by Rotbringers under Lord Ungholghott when she was an infant. She was saved and taken away by the Sylvaneth of Clan Thyrghael part of the Dreadwood Glade. She grew into a skilled fighter and when she is older she was summoned by the Branchwych Wytha who marked her, giving her increased vitality.

She was then sent alongside a force of Sylvaneth to hunt down Ungholghott but they were overwhelmed until only Neave remained, wounded and her body wrecked by Plagues and soon she was also cut down. However a lightning bolt strikes her body at her moment of death burning Rotbringers and carrying her soul to the Realm of Azyr to be reforged. [4a]


She fought Horticulous Slimux during the Blight War.[3]