Necrodomo the Insane

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Battista Gaspar Necrodomo[1], known to history as Necrodomo the Insane, was a heretic whose writings inspired the fall to Chaos of the Templar Diederick, who became Archaon, the sixth and last Everchosen.[2]


Necrodomo was arrested and tortured by the Imperial church in IC 1586. There is some ambiguity over whether he truly believed in his blasphemous "prognostications," or whether he was simply a religious charlatan seeking to take advantage of the weak and credulous. The priests who tortured him acknowledge the ambiguity, but said it did not matter because, either way, his pamphlets were clearly heretical, preaching that Sigmar had simply been a man, not a god, and thus the religion devoted to his worship was idolatrous.[1]

The daemon Be'lakor decided that Necrodomo was a fitting instrument for his plan to bring about the end of the world, so he entered the torture chamber, killed the priest, and, finding Necrodomo himself mostly broken and incoherent, sat down to write the heretic's "memoirs" himself.[1]