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The Lands of Neferatia and its surroundings in the Prime Innerlands

The personal kingdom of Neferata in the Realm of Shyish, carefully shaped by its queen to resemble her original home [1a] and populated by the spirits from the World-that-Was.[2]

To the east of Neferatia there is a large region called the Screaming Wastes, with The Chained Lakes acting as the northern most border and a mountain range running across the continent. On it's west coast there is the Sea of Drowned Sorrows with The Racing Blades island close by.[4]


  • The Cremation Plain is a brutal landscape which looks like an expanse of bare, jagged rock but in reality, it is composed of the remains of millions upon millions of beings. The creature’s teeth are fused together in vicious clusters, jabbing upwards through densely packed ash. It serves as a trap for the unwary and enemies of the Queen of Nulahmia, whilst the surface might be solid for a long stretch, suddenly the ash will give way to allow the teeth to grind and slash. Victims are taken singularly or hundreds at once – without warning. When their blood touches the Plain, flames roar out and up from the collapse, incinerating the dead and dying and washing over anyone nearby. [3a]
  • Morbhend An ancient city that lies to the north-west of Nulahmia. It was built in a region of arable land beyond the Cremation Plain until the Age of Sigmar was a city of considerable importance in its own right. Then the hordes of Lascilion burned their way across Shyish and sacked the city. Following his defeat it was re-populated again although little more than a splinter of its former self with a new defensive wall built around the former keep where its population, primarily mortal, lived. In order to deceive and confuse Lord Venzor, Neferata had a substantial Bloodbound force of the hordes of Ruhok lured here and slaughtered, before sacrificing the remaining people in turn.[3c]
  • Nulahmia is the capital city, designed by its queen, who calling up ancient memories to recreate its architecture and style - the grand columns, the rich fluttering silks and the polished marble. All was centred on the Throne-Mount a sprawling, beautiful palace-temple she inhabited and where the mortals of her city would march up to worship her, moving up the Pathway to Punishment, whose malicious displays of still living but disembodied heads even impressed Lascilion. Inside its walls, seemingly endless nights of blood-laden depravities would ease her mind and inflame her senses and those chosen to join her.[2]
  • The Tombhills: A vast array of burial mounds, the hills vary in size, but they are almost identical in shape and its outer regions are covered in ash blown in from the Cremation Plain. Some hold a single grave, other many hundreds and there are so many that they overlap. The hills are covered in Carrion Grass which feeds not only on the countless bodies buried beneath the surface but also slices the veins of any living thing adding new bodies to the land.[3b]
  • The Chained Lakes: A set of rivers and lakes that act as a border between it and the Screaming Wastes. [4]
  • Necrotic Peaks: A mountain range located on the southern most region of Neferatia.[4]


At the beginning of the Age of Sigmar, the realm and city was attacked by the Chaos Champion Lord Lascilion who had finally breached the long inviolate magical shields and layers of illusions that hidden the city and its inhabitants. [2]